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Blog Archive for February 2011

Upcoming Great Bear Field Courses

February 24th, 2011

Looking for fun, interesting, and environmentally-conscious ways to travel this year? Consider one of our bear ecology field courses: Field Courses @ Great Bear Foundation. Or through our Canadian friends, Ursus International. Great Bear Foundation’s unique courses take participants to some of the most spectacular landscapes in North America to experience, first-hand, the habitats of… Read the complete post or our blog for all news.

Department of Interior allowing drilling in critical polar bear habitat

February 24th, 2011

Despite Federal protection, the Department of Interior is allowing dangerous and destructive off-shore drilling in critical polar bear habitat in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. While 187,000 square miles of habitat were recently set aside as Critical Habitat, the Obama Administration is continuing the Bush Administration’s tradition of watering down the Endangered Species Act. There… Read the complete post or our blog for all news.

Arctic loner: My life as a climate-change drama

February 13th, 2011

What an amazing life. The article also sheds light on how climate change is affecting the less charismatic species, like black guillemots. Birds have always played a surprising role in the polar bear’s diet, but in some places, that role is increasing due to loss of sea ice. Still, bears that live on seals cannot… Read the complete post or our blog for all news.

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