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Bears are waking up!

April 1st, 2019

Bear problems are easier to prevent than to solve

Please be bear aware

From Alaska to Montana, we’ve been hearing reports of grizzly bears up and about as spring arrives to the Northern Hemisphere. Food can be scarce when bears emerge from their dens after a long winter sleep, and this is a critical time when bears are especially vulnerable to the temptations of human foods like garbage and bird seed.

The single most important thing you can do for bears right now, if you live in bear habitat, is to take a walk around outside your home and scan for bear attractants. Do you keep your garbage outside? Check with your local municipality or solid waste service to see if bear resistant garbage containers are available. Or, store your garbage inside until the morning of trash pickup. Stinky items can be stored in a sealed bag in your freezer until the day of pickup.

Are your birdfeeders still up? It may seem cute at first to watch a bear at your birdfeeder, but it won’t be cute when that bear refuses to leave the feeder, or if that bear gets killed down the line for learning bad habits from people. When the bears are out, birds usually have natural foods available, so it’s a good idea to take your birdfeeder down for the warmer months.

Backyard chickens? Do yourself, your birds, and the bears a favor and put an electric fence around it! Chickens are one of the top problems for bears across North America these days, and when bears raid the chicken coop, too many of them (both chickens and bears) wind up dead. Electric fences, when set up properly and maintained, are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your chickens and the bears safe.

Thank you for being bear aware! Bear problems are easier to prevent than to solve!

Time to Book your 2018 Polar Bear Trip

December 27th, 2017

Travel to Polar Bear Country with the Great Bear Foundation

Travel with us to Polar Bear Country

Have you dreamt about seeing polar bears in the wild? Are you curious about our changing planet, and the wildlife we share it with? Are you looking for a profound travel experience that also supports conservation efforts?

Travel with the Great Bear Foundation to Churchill, Manitoba in 2018 to experience polar bears, beluga whales, northern cultures, and the unique, rugged beauty of Hudson Bay. Spend time in a place where people and polar bears coexist, and the tundra supports a diversity of life.

It’s time to register for our 2018 field courses. These trips are open to the public, and aim to connect people to the Arctic in a way that can transform a person’s experience of the world around us.

This year, we are offering three field courses:

Berries, Belugas & Bears, a summer trip to the Arctic: July 31-August 4, 2018
Intro to Polar Bear Ecology field course: October 30-Nov 3, 2018
Sharing Habitat with Polar Bears field course: November 6-10, 2018

Space is limited, and field courses can fill up quickly! Early birds can take advantage of better travel fares.

Our summer trip to the Arctic is timed for beluga whale season, when the whales have their calves in the Churchill River, where they feed on capelin and seek shelter for their young. The trip includes a whale-watching boat tour. Explore the beaches, tundra, and boreal forest, looking for polar bears, fox, caribou, and diverse bird life.

Our fall polar bear trips coincide with peak polar bear season in Churchill, as the bears migrate to Cape Churchill, waiting for the first sea ice to form, to break their summer fast. When the ice forms, the bears can return to the ice to hunt their staple food, the ringed seal. Our October course offers an overview of arctic ecology with a focus on polar bears, while our November course sheds light on how humans and polar bears share habitat.

All field courses primarily focus on observing polar bears in their natural habitat, while minimizing our impacts on the bears and their habitat. Evening lectures, slideshows, and guest speakers complement our field observations.

Graduate or undergraduate credit in Environmental Studies is available from the University of Montana at no extra cost, with additional coursework.

All proceeds directly fund our bear conservation initiatives. Sign up today!

Join a Global Day of Giving on Giving Tuesday

November 27th, 2017

Polar Bear by Jeremy Patrick

Polar Bear Face by Jeremy Patrick

You can help give voice to the bears on Giving Tuesday, November 28.
Thank you for supporting our work on behalf of the bears and their habitats worldwide. This year, you helped us to remove bear attractants from residential areas, provide free bear safety and ecology programs to students and communities, release a documentary film, and provide partial scholarships to help at risk youth participate in our polar bear ecology field course in Churchill, Manitoba. Thank you.

Support bear conservation today with your donation.

There are many ways you can support our work. Join a global day of giving today on Giving Tuesday.

>>Give a gift membership. This makes a unique, feel-good gift for the bear-lover in your life!

>>Sign up for a field course in polar bear country. All proceeds directly fund our conservation projects. Treat your loved one to an adventure on Hudson Bay, watching polar bears in their natural habitat!

>>Do good with your online shopping by using the Goodshop platform, and choose Great Bear Foundation as your charity, to raise funds with your purchases. For Amazon purchases, use Amazon Smile and choose Great Bear Foundation.

>>Purchase a limited edition giclée print from the Solar Bear series by Montana artist, Douglas E. Taylor.

>>Shop our online store for unique gifts like a DVD of Walking Bear Comes Home: the life and work of Chuck Jonkel. We have kids’ books, magnets, and more!

>>Give the old fashioned way, with a check made out to Great Bear Foundation, and mailed to Great Bear Foundation, PO Box 1616, Haines AK 99827.

Your support is the key to our success. Thank you for your generous and loyal contribution to our work on behalf of bears worldwide.

Experience Polar Bears in their Natural Habitat in 2018

November 16th, 2017

Polar Bear on the shore of Hudson Bay

Experience the polar bear migration with the Great Bear Foundation

Conservation-based Polar Bear Field Courses on Hudson Bay

Travel to Churchill, Manitoba with the Great Bear Foundation in 2018 to experience polar bears and other arctic wildlife in their natural habitat. What makes our trips different?

The Great Bear Foundation offers the only truly low-impact, conservation-based polar bear programs in Churchill, Manitoba. If you think of yourself as a traveler, rather than a tourist, you love to learn through your travel experiences, and you want to observe wildlife with as little impact as possible, our trips are for you. Great Bear Foundation field courses place the well-being of wildlife and habitat first, while offering high-quality, learning-oriented travel experiences in bear habitat. University credit options are available at no extra cost.

100% of the proceeds from our field courses fund our bear conservation programs.

>>July 31-August 4, 2018: Berries, Belugas, and Bears–Summer Trip to the Arctic
>>October 30-Nov 3, 2018: Intro to Polar Bear Ecology
>>November 6-10, 2018: Sharing Habitat with Polar Bears

Click here to learn more

Our summer trip, Berries Belugas and Bears, runs July 31-August 4, 2018, timed for when the beluga whales have their calves in the Churchill River. Take a small boat tour to watch beluga whales, visit historic Fort Prince of Wales, look for polar bears and other arctic wildlife, explore summer tundra covered with berries and wildflowers, and comb the beaches of Hudson Bay, to examine fossils and intertidal life. Learn about the ecology, history and cultures of Hudson Bay with the Great Bear Foundation.

Intro to Polar Bear Ecology, October 30-November 4, 2018, offers a broad overview of the polar bear and its ecology, with a focus on the unique Western Hudson Bay population. Witness the fall polar bear migration to Cape Churchill by day, observing wildlife, exploring the bear’s terrestrial habitat, and visiting cultural sites. In the evenings, we’ll offer educational programs and slideshows, and learn about indigenous culture and history firsthand from guest speakers within the community, and with some luck, watch the northern lights.

Sharing Habitat with Polar Bears, November 6-10, 2018, explores the world of the polar bear through the lens of how humans and bears share habitat. We’ll spend our days exploring the bear’s terrestrial habitat, observing wildlife, and visiting cultural sites, and in the evenings we’ll have programs from Great Bear Foundation instructors and guest speakers, learning about polar bear and human management, indigenous culture, and what we need to do to continue sharing the earth with polar bears.

Register for our Arctic Ecology Field Courses

June 5th, 2017

Polar Bear in Fireweed

Polar Bear on our summer Berries, Belugas and Bears field course

Travel with us to Churchill, Manitoba this summer for our Berries, Belugas and Bears arctic ecology field course, August 13-21!

Members save 10% through June 15, 2017!

The Great Bear Foundation offers unique, small-group, low-impact wildlife-viewing experiences in Churchill, Manitoba on Canada’s Hudson Bay. When you travel with us, you’ll spend your days in the field, watching wildlife like polar bears, arctic and red fox, arctic terns, gyrfalcon and other birdlife, arctic and snowshoe hare, and you’ll explore the tundra, taiga, and beaches surrounding Hudson bay.

Our field courses emphasize learning and conservation, and you’ll learn how to interpret animal behavior to encourage high quality wildlife-viewing and photography experiences with as little impact on the animals and their habitat as possible.

Our Berries, Belugas and Bears summer trip to the Arctic is a family-friendly, small group experience. The trip includes roundtrip economy class train travel to Churchill (from Winnipeg, Canora, or elsewhere on the Winnipeg-Churchill line), accommodations and meals in Churchill, a boat-based whale watching tour, and course tuition. Participants are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Salish Kootenai College.

Highlights include daily wildlife-viewing, field trips to cultural sites and unique geological features like a palsa field, evening programs on wildlife, photography, local cultures, climate change and conservation, and possibly northern lights!

All proceeds directly benefit bear conservation.

Click here to learn more and register!

Join a 24 Hour Giving Event May 4th and 5th

May 2nd, 2017

Mikfik Creek Brown Bear

Give Local to support bear conservation

For 24 hours this week, from 6PM Mountain Time on May 4th to 6PM Mountain Time on May 5th, you can support bear conservation on Give Local Day! For 24 hours only, no matter where you live, your donation can go further by giving through the Give Local platform!

As a grassroots, community-based organization, we depend on your support to make our programs possible. This 24 hour giving event harnesses the generosity of our donors and our community into one powerful event. Donations made during this period are eligible for stretch funds from the Give Local stretch pool, for 24 hours only. Just click the DONATE NOW button between 6PM May 4th and 6PM May 5th to make your contribution!

Visit our Projects page to see where your contribution goes. For other ways to support our bear conservation and education work, shop our merchandise. Or, even better, register for a field course in polar bear country to support bear conservation with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure among the polar bears!

Thank you for supporting bear conservation!

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