Details on the 2020 Great Bear Apple Drive

August 25th, 2020

Volunteer climbing apple tree

Climbing trees is often one of the highlights for volunteers with Bears and Apples.

Are you interested in helping us help the bears by picking fruit to keep bears out of neighborhoods, and out of trouble? Join the Bears and Apples Program!

Do you have fruit you want to donate or compost?
If you are capable of harvesting your own fruit, be sure to pick ALL your fruit, and any windfallen fruit on the ground, to make sure you don’t leave any tasty attractants behind to lure bears into your yard.

Donate Apples to Western Cider, and get cider coupons as a thank you!

Starting September 13th, 2020, you can bring your apples (bruised and wormy apples are ok, but no rotten or moldy apples!) to Western Cider at 501 N. California Street, Missoula.
Please follow all local and state COVID-19 protocols and safety guidelines.

Bring compost (FRUIT ONLY!) TO Garden City Compost
– Drop off loads of FRUIT ONLY at no charge during business hours at 1125 Clark Fork Ln, Missoula
– Check in with the attendant at the gate
– Each time you drop off you can fill out a raffle ticket for a chance to win goodies like stickers, bags, free drop off coupons, and free compost!
– Do not leave plastic bags or buckets behind, as these are non-compostable
– Please respect the FRUIT ONLY rule–Garden City Compost is partnering with us to prevent human-Bear conflicts by taking fruit at no charge

Do you want to volunteer to pick fruit for homeowners needing help?

Contact us to volunteer!

Do you need help picking your fruit?
Contact us and we’ll send a volunteer!

Are you looking for information on the Haines, Alaska fruit program?
Contact the Haines Library at or (907) 766-6422

Thank you for helping to keep people safe and bears wild!

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