Experience Polar Bears in their Natural Habitat in 2018

November 16th, 2017

Polar Bear on the shore of Hudson Bay

Experience the polar bear migration with the Great Bear Foundation

Conservation-based Polar Bear Field Courses on Hudson Bay

Travel to Churchill, Manitoba with the Great Bear Foundation in 2018 to experience polar bears and other arctic wildlife in their natural habitat. What makes our trips different?

The Great Bear Foundation offers the only truly low-impact, conservation-based polar bear programs in Churchill, Manitoba. If you think of yourself as a traveler, rather than a tourist, you love to learn through your travel experiences, and you want to observe wildlife with as little impact as possible, our trips are for you. Great Bear Foundation field courses place the well-being of wildlife and habitat first, while offering high-quality, learning-oriented travel experiences in bear habitat. University credit options are available at no extra cost.

100% of the proceeds from our field courses fund our bear conservation programs.

>>July 31-August 4, 2018: Berries, Belugas, and Bears–Summer Trip to the Arctic
>>October 30-Nov 3, 2018: Intro to Polar Bear Ecology
>>November 6-10, 2018: Sharing Habitat with Polar Bears

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Our summer trip, Berries Belugas and Bears, runs July 31-August 4, 2018, timed for when the beluga whales have their calves in the Churchill River. Take a small boat tour to watch beluga whales, visit historic Fort Prince of Wales, look for polar bears and other arctic wildlife, explore summer tundra covered with berries and wildflowers, and comb the beaches of Hudson Bay, to examine fossils and intertidal life. Learn about the ecology, history and cultures of Hudson Bay with the Great Bear Foundation.

Intro to Polar Bear Ecology, October 30-November 4, 2018, offers a broad overview of the polar bear and its ecology, with a focus on the unique Western Hudson Bay population. Witness the fall polar bear migration to Cape Churchill by day, observing wildlife, exploring the bear’s terrestrial habitat, and visiting cultural sites. In the evenings, we’ll offer educational programs and slideshows, and learn about indigenous culture and history firsthand from guest speakers within the community, and with some luck, watch the northern lights.

Sharing Habitat with Polar Bears, November 6-10, 2018, explores the world of the polar bear through the lens of how humans and bears share habitat. We’ll spend our days exploring the bear’s terrestrial habitat, observing wildlife, and visiting cultural sites, and in the evenings we’ll have programs from Great Bear Foundation instructors and guest speakers, learning about polar bear and human management, indigenous culture, and what we need to do to continue sharing the earth with polar bears.

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