Wildlife Extravaganza

May 13th, 2015

GBF's Chris Olsen teaches families about bears

GBF’s Chris Olsen teaches families about bears

By Chris Olsen

The Great Bear Foundation participated in the 3rd annual Wildlife Extravaganza on May 9th at the Montana Natural History Center. The event was organized by the UM Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society. Over 400 Missoulians attended the free, family-friendly event to learn more about conservation, science, and wildlife.

The Great Bear Foundation was one of over a dozen nonprofits that provided educational programs at the event. GBF provided Bear Basics education as well as an interactive table display that provided students with hands-on activities.

Students explored the differences in tracks between grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, and mountain lions. They also analyzed the different claws of grizzly bears, black bears, polar bears, and mountain lions to determine how each animal used their claws. Students also got the opportunity to feel the fur of a black bear and to analyze bear scat.

Education is an important part of our mission at the Great Bear Foundation. Living with bears and other large predators is a reality in Montana, and we feel strongly that learning about these animals is essential knowledge for children to have. There are many harmful myths about these animals, and we believe in providing students with accurate, scientific information to dispel these myths.

Great Bear provides free Bear Basics programs to K-12 schools and other groups in western Montana and Southeast Alaska. For more information, or to schedule a program, please contact the Great Bear Foundation.

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