Kids Track Making Event May 8

May 5th, 2011

Making Plaster Tracks

Join us for track making at Caras Park, Missoula on May 8 at noon

Join us for our track-making workshop for kids this Sunday, May 8, from noon to 2:00 at Caras Park, Missoula. We’ll be set up at Wildfest to help kick of the International Wildlife Film Festival. We’ll be teaching kids how to identify the tracks of various wild animals native to western Montana, how to tell the difference between a black bear track and a grizzly bear track, and helping kids to make their own plaster tracks that they can take home with them.

Bear Honoring last weekend was a great success, and we were so pleased with the turnout, despite the wintry weather. We had a great time honoring the bears with our Bear Foods Buffet on Friday, where GBF President, Chuck Jonkel took people on a “bear walk” up Rattlesnake Creek to learn about spring bear foods and to identify bear sign. Saturday, we headed out to the Mission Mountains to look for bears. We found fresh tracks in the snow from a female grizzly bear with a one or two year old cub, just emerging from their den on MacDonald Peak. While we did not get to see the bears, we saw plenty of avian life and enjoyed the incredible scenery of the Mission Mountains. On Sunday, we took a walk in Glacier Park, looking for wildlife. Vernon Finley, Tim Manley, Steve Gniadek, Bill Swaney, and Chuck Jonkel all shared their wisdom on bears and on the Native People’s history in the land that is now Glacier Park. We found the scat and tracks of a mountain lion with cub, and watched eagles, harlequin ducks, and enjoyed a gorgeous day in the Park.

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